About Expertanswer

Expertanswer (Expertsvar in Swedish) has been operating since 2000, providing reporters with contacts among experts on the subject at hand.

This mediaservice is created by the universities in Sweden and the KK-foundation, and is run by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with the other member institutions. Have a look at partners!

Expertanswer is the fastest way between a journalist and a source within the research community. Via Expertanswer you get contact information to researchers within chosen time limits. You can also make a selection of press releases according to your interests.

Press and information officers at all universities, most university colleges, research institutets and research councils stand ready to channel daily questions from journalists looking for the right expert to interview.

Ingemar Björklund,
acting project manager Expertanswer,
+46 8 546 44 225, cell phone; +46-733669162
or email