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Research is an limitless source of news, new perspectives, and in-depth features. Expertsanswer’s network of research communicators provides you as a journalist with a quick link to Swedish researchers and experts who can offer comments, explanations, and new angles on a subject.

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Press releases

Successful scientific experiment with sounding rocket for space scientists in Kiruna in collaboration with SSC Esrange

24 March, 2023 - Institutet för rymdfysik

At 19:23 local time on March 23, a sounding rocket with a scientific experiment from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna was launched from Esrange Space Center. Thanks to collected data, IRF‚Äôs space scientists can study conditions in near-Earth space, the ionosphere. The information contributes to a piece of the puzzle in […]

Low education and income linked to severe epilepsy

22 March, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Statistically, people with low educational attainment and income who have epilepsy suffer more than others from the condition. Not only are they hospitalized with epilepsy more often than others, but they also have less access to specialized neurological care, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Epilepsy is a group of diagnoses covering brain disorders that […]

From living heritage to zombie churches

22 March, 2023 - Uppsala universitet

Churches are preserved by an antiquarian system that risks killing them instead of keeping them alive. The Swedish State and the Church of Sweden therefore need to define new joint visions and goals to enable the ecclesiastical cultural heritage to be used and developed. This is shown by historian of art Henrik Lindblad in a new doctoral thesis from Uppsala University.

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