About Expertanswer

Expertanswer¬†is the journalist‚Äôs shortcut to Swedish research expertise ‚Äď on the media‚Äôs own terms.

Through Expertanswer’s network of research communicators, you receive suggestions about suitable Swedish researchers and how to reach them. We cover all subjects, from antenna research to epigenetics, poetics, and the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

You can also subscribe to research news to match your personal profile of interests.

We also collaborate with MyNewsdesk.

Expertanswer is backed by all the universities and most university colleges in Sweden, a number of research institutes, the Swedish Research Council, and other major research funding bodies.

For questions: Please contact Gustav Löfgren, Editor-in-Chief, tel +46 (0)8-546 44 121, or email expertsvar@vr.se.

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