International collaboration

Expertsanswer collaborates with a number of international services to help Swedish research findings reach a wider audience.

International research news from high-education institutions, academic journals, book announcements, calendars, and blogs. Embargo news, daily newsletters. Published in English, German, French, and Spanish.

EurekAlert is the AAAS portal in the US for science news. They also have a database of experts.
Eurekalert in Chinese:

idw (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft) is the German news portal for science news. Published in German and English. The also have a question service as well as lists of experts, calendars, etc.

Sök Xpertti
Sök Xpertti (Search Xperts) is our colleague in Finland. It was created by the Academy of Finland in collaboration with universities and research institutes. The functions are the same as those at Expertanswer and with press releases in Swedish, though questions should be posed in Finnish or English.