Press releases


New vegetarian food with several benefits

28 May, 2008 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

A new vegetarian food that boosts the uptake of iron and offers a good set of proteins. This could be the result of a doctoral dissertation by Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson at the Department of Food Science, Chalmers University of Technology, in Sweden.

Darwin was wrong about the wild origin of the chicken

29 February, 2008 - Uppsala universitet

Charles Darwin maintained that the domesticated chicken derives from the red jungle fowl, but new research from Uppsala University now shows that the wild origins of the chicken are more complicated than that. The researchers mapped the genes that give most domesticated chickens yellow legs and found to their surprise that this genetic heredity derives from a closely related species, the grey jungle fowl. The study is being published today in the Web edition of PLoS Genetics.

Seed orchards save genetic diversity

1 October, 2007 - SLU

The young pine tree asked his neighbour on the Greek hillside in 2010, where did I come from?, where is my mother and father?, did they die in the forest fires of 2007? That pine tree came from a seed orchard. Seed orchards were the business of an international Treebreedex conference at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Umea, September 26-28.

Nitrogen emissions increase carbon sink

14 June, 2007 - SLU

SLU researcher Achim Grelle is a co-author of an article in Nature this week. The article states that human activities, such as agricultural fertilization and biomass and fossil fuel burning, are pumping more nitrogen into the atmosphere, which in turn is having a positive effect on the growth of Northern Hemisphere forests.

Top science paper of ES&T 2006: Foundations of mercury in the environment

21 March, 2007 - SLU

The finding that mercury is associated to reduced sulfur groups in organic material from soil, written by Swedish and American soil scientists, has been chosen the most valuable scientific contribution out of 1100 papers published in the highly ranked journal Environmental Science and Technology last year.