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What is the role and responsibility of the business community in alleviating poverty?

22 September, 2022 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

With recent reductions in international aid contributions, eradicating poverty is becoming increasingly challenging. Ending poverty requires cross-sectoral partnerships and engagement from all parts of society, not least the private sector. On October 5, Misum Forum 2022 is hosting prominent Swedish industry leaders and internationally renowned academics to discuss the role business and industry can, and […]

The EU’s guidelines for procurement during the Covid-19 crisis may lead to increased corruption

2 September, 2022 - Linnéuniversitetet

Shouldn’t common provisions for procurement within the EU lead to increased central control and better coordination? Yes, but the guidelines introduced during the Covid-19 crisis were at the same time so flexible that they can also result in increased corruption and reduced legitimacy. This is shown by Brigitte Pircher, associate professor of political science, in […]

Innovative research project on cultural entrepreneurship receives SEK 25 million from The Kamprad Family Foundation

20 May, 2022 - Linnéuniversitetet

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity funds a research and collaborative project on cultural entrepreneurship with a grant of SEK 25 million to Linnaeus University. The project is led by professor Anders Högberg at the Department of Cultural Sciences at Linnaeus University. It will run for five years, starting in 2022. “The […]

Horizon Europe funds project about AI for safer traffic environment

18 March, 2022 - Högskolan i Halmstad

Horizon Europe granted the research consortium ROADVIEW (Robust Automated Driving in Extreme Weather) 10 million euros to solve challenging autonomous driving problems using AI. The project aims to develop AI-based robust and cost-efficient in-vehicle perception and decision-making systems with enhanced performance under harsh weather conditions. Halmstad University will coordinate the consortium of 15 partners for the next four years.

Researcher at Halmstad University new board member of the International Conference on New Business Models

10 February, 2022 - Högskolan i Halmstad

The International Conference on New Business Models has a mission to facilitate inter- and transdisciplinary research on new business models contributing to sustainable development. Maya Hoveskog, Associate Professor in Innovation Management at Halmstad University, steps in until further notice as new board member of the internationally acknowledged conference series.

What can we learn from the leaked data of Pandora Papers?

1 February, 2022 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

In recent years, there have been several high-profile leaks of documents related to the offshore financial industry, such as the Pandora Papers released last year. Some of the data contained in the leaked documents have now been made public. In this brief, SITE researchers Jonathan Lehne and Maiting Zhuang discuss the advantages and pitfalls of using these data for economic analysis. They show that despite some caveats, there are patterns in these data that can shed light on a secretive industry.

What does the gas crisis reveal about European energy security?

28 January, 2022 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

The recent record-high gas prices have triggered legitimate concerns regarding the EU’s energy security, especially with dependence on natural gas from Russia. This brief discusses the historical and current risks associated with Russian gas imports. Researchers from the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics Chloé Le Coq and Elena Paltseva argue that decreasing the reliance on Russian gas may not be feasible in the short-to-mid-run, especially with the EU’s goals of green transition and the electrification of the economy. To ensure the security of natural gas supply from Russia, the EU has to adopt the (long-proclaimed) coordinated energy policy strategy.

Crowdfunders – who are they and why do they donate?

13 January, 2022 - Jönköping University

Want a successful crowdfunding campaign? Make sure you know who your backers are and what motivates them. This is the advice from Nadia Arshad, PhD at Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University. In her new thesis, she discovered that backers often get engaged in campaigns to support the entrepreneurs, especially those from their own region. Equally, they are far more tolerant of product delays and defects than ordinary shoppers.