Press releases


Halmstad University is granted SEK 79.8 million for multidisciplinary research and education

17 December, 2020 - Högskolan i Halmstad

The Swedish Knowledge Foundation grants SEK 79.8 million for new research and education initiatives at Halmstad University. “Such a wonderful Christmas present! Many pieces of the puzzle now fall into place for the University’s continued development and profiling. This year’s allocation is a fantastic success, the Knowledge Foundation grants us more funds than ever before”, says Halmstad University’s Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang.

Swedish space instrument participates in the search for life around Jupiter

18 November, 2020 - Institutet för rymdfysik

The Swedish-led satellite instrument Particle Environment Package (PEP) will help researchers at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) to understand how three of Jupiter’s icy moons are affected by the particles around Jupiter and search for the pre-conditions for life. After 14 years of work, the instrument is ready to take its place on […]

“The global built environment sector must think in new, radical ways, and act quickly”

16 November, 2020 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

The construction sector, the real estate industry and city planners must give high priority to the same goal – to drastically reduce their climate impacts. Powerful, combined efforts are absolutely crucial for the potential to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals. And what’s more – everything has to happen very quickly. These are the cornerstones to […]

The Beyond 2020 conference will guide to sustainable built environment

15 October, 2020 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

PRESS INVITATION: How should the global building sector act to contribute to the UN’s goals for sustainable development? This is the burning topic for Beyond 2020, this year’s most important global conference on sustainable built environment, organized virtually by Chalmers University of Technology 2-4 November. “The clock is ticking. The world’s building sector has ten […]

Massive release of methane gas from the seafloor linked to global warming discovered for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere

2 September, 2020 - Linnéuniversitetet

Together with researchers from Brazil and France, professor Marcelo Ketzer and his colleagues at Linnaeus University have discovered methane gas leakage from gas hydrate dissociation caused by climate change, something that has never been witnessed in the Southern Hemisphere before. These new research discoveries have recently been published in Nature Communications. Gas hydrate is an […]

Potato peel nets can provide more eelgrass

30 July, 2020 - Göteborgs universitet

By fundamentally strengthening the seabed with a net made on potato peelings, the conditions for eelgrass to take root can increase significantly.

The majority consider themselves more environmentally friendly than others

19 December, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Research from the University of Gothenburg shows that we tend to overestimate our personal environmental engagement. In a study with participants from Sweden, the United States, England, and India, most participants were convinced that they acted more environmentally friendly than the average person. In the study, over 4,000 people responded to how much, and how […]

Long-term partnership to promote forestry and the forest industry

9 December, 2019 - Linnéuniversitetet

Södra and IKEA of Sweden are now partnering with Linnaeus University in a unique long-term and strategic investment in research and education to promote forestry and the forest industry. “We operate in a region, and a country, in which forests and forest products play a major role in people’s daily lives, as well as the […]

Fishmeal developed for sustainable aquaculture

12 November, 2019 - Göteborgs universitet

Aquaculture in Sweden could be more sustainable if by-products from industrial feed production were used instead of wild-caught aquafeed. This is according to studies at the University of Gothenburg.