Press releases


Environmental legislation meets primordial custom

3 October, 2006 - Luleå tekniska universitet

A new doctoral dissertation at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden focuses on an issue that is controversial, to say the least. It involves the rights and land use of the Saami (Laplanders), and the doctoral candidate Christina Allard compares the legal situation in New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden.

The Uppsala School of Jurisprudence Reconsidered

14 February, 2006 - Stockholms universitet

The Swedish philosopher and professor Axel Hägerström (1868-1939) played an influential role in the history of jurisprudence. The main goal of his investigations into jurisprudence was to make it, and therefore also the study of law, scientific and objective.

EU can deal with crises-if the political will exists

13 December, 2005 - Växjö universitet, från 2010 en del av Linnéuniversitetet

The EU has a good capacity to deal with crises. Judicially, the Union is well equipped to cope with crises and move on. This was shown during the Austria crisis in 2000. But a well-functioning legal framework is not always enough. To bring about a change it is also necessary to have words backed up by political will.

Let regional organizations prevent genocide

21 October, 2004 - Stockholms universitet

The conflict in Dafur shows that the UN cannot guarantee international peace and security all by itself. The UN Security Council is too splintered to take resolute action to resolve the crisis, and international law does not allow any effective diplomatic alternatives.