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New dissertation: New method could reshape future software development

20 October, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

Sebastian Hönel from Linnaeus University has, in his computer science dissertation, introduced a new method to measure and enhance the quality of software processes. The method focuses on understanding how software is developed and the changes that occur over time. By utilising digital data from the development process combined with expert- and data-driven analysis, one […]

Precision in planning results in resilient forests according to new research 

30 May, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

A new dissertation on forest industrial production systems, from researcher Per Nordin at Linnaeus University, reveals that successful regeneration measures are crucial for sustainable forestry. To ensure successful plant establishment, it is important to make decisions based on factors at regional, stand, and microenvironment levels.  Regeneration measures in forestry aim to establish new forests on […]

New model for wood behaviour under load at different moisture and temperature conditions

26 May, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

Wood is a naturally growing material that has been used as building material for centuries. However, its high moisture content makes it difficult to use as load-bearing structures without drying processes. In a new dissertation in building technology, Winston Mmari studies the interaction between heat, moisture, and transport mechanisms in wood and develops a model […]

27 February, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

How can you trust and rely on automated decisions that are made by complex machine learning models, especially when such models are not held accountable for their predictions? Angelos Chatzimparmpas’ research simplifies the oversight and management of machine learning algorithms so that human experts can evaluate how automated computational solutions reach their results. Our society […]

Joining efforts in research on antibiotic resistance

16 December, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Research on antibiotic resistance will broaden significantly when the Center for Antibiotic Resistance Research (CARe) in Gothenburg expands. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is one of the most serious global health threats. Over a million people die annually as a direct result of infections caused by resistant bacteria. Lack of effective antibiotics jeopardizes much of modern […]

Mathematical discovery could shed light on secrets of the Universe

9 March, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

How can Einstein’s theory of gravity be unified with quantum mechanics? It is a challenge that could give us deep insights into phenomena such as black holes and the birth of the universe. Now, a new article in Nature Communications, written by researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and MIT, USA, presents results that […]

Designing healthy diets – with computer analysis

20 April, 2021 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

A new mathematical model for the interaction of bacteria in the gut could help design new probiotics and specially tailored diets to prevent diseases. The research, from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, was recently published in the journal PNAS. “Intestinal bacteria have an important role to play in health and the development of diseases, […]

Unique AI method for generating proteins will speed up drug development

30 March, 2021 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

Artificial Intelligence is now capable of generating novel, functionally active proteins, thanks to recently published work by researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. “What we are now able to demonstrate offers fantastic potential for a number of future applications, such as faster and more cost-efficient development of protein-based drugs,” says Aleksej Zelezniak, Associate Professor […]