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No signs of brain injury post-acute COVID-19

5 August, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

In a recent study from University of ­Gothenburg, it has been shown that all participants achieve normalization of CNS injury biomarkers, regardless of previous disease severity or persistent neurological symptoms. Indicating that post-COVID-19 neurological sequalae are not due to active brain injury. Central nervous system involvement and signs of brain injury have been described since […]

Internet CBT for depression reviewed and analyzed

2 August, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression is often just as effective as traditional CBT. This is clear from an international study involving scientists at the University of Gothenburg. However, some online treatments have components that can be harmful. Internet CBT (iCBT) as a method of delivering treatment is on the increase. Nevertheless, it has […]

Nine of ten patients with high blood pressure need more treatment

28 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Of patients with hypertension, nine-tenths do not receive enough treatment and are thereby at elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the leading treatable cause of illness and death worldwide. More than a billion people are hypertensive, defined as having blood pressure (BP) […]

Knowledge and support improve menopausal health

21 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

More knowledge and individual support from primary care services can alleviate women’s menopausal problems, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Not feeling well or like one’s normal self, but without any distinct sense of being ill, is experienced by numerous women during menopause, according to Lena Rindner, district nurse with a Ph.D. in community medicine […]

Early blood-sugar levels in type 2 diabetes crucial for future prognosis

8 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

People who get type 2 diabetes need to gain control of their blood-sugar levels — fast. The years immediately after diagnosis are strikingly critical in terms of their future risk for heart attacks and death. This is shown by a joint study from the Universities of Gothenburg and Oxford. In a collaboration between the University […]

Highly fit teenagers coped better with COVID-19 later in life

6 July, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Of the Swedish men in their late teens who performed well in the physical fitness tests for military conscription, a relatively high proportion were able to avoid hospital care when they became infected with COVID-19 during the pandemic up to 50 years later. This has been shown by University of Gothenburg researchers in a register […]

Breakthrough for tracking RNA with fluorescence

30 June, 2021 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have succeeded in developing a method to label mRNA molecules, and thereby follow, in real time, their path through cells, using a microscope – without affecting their properties or subsequent activity. The breakthrough could be of great importance in facilitating the development of new RNA-based medicines. RNA-based therapeutics […]

Major risk of eye injuries from padel

23 June, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Several eye clinics around Sweden are seeing a rise in eye damage related to the racket sport padel. In an article in the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association (Läkartidningen), eye researchers affiliated with the University of Gothenburg state that padel is a potential high-risk sport for eye injuries, and that wearing protective goggles is […]

Complications following dental implant therapy are common

17 June, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

More than four out of ten patients who received dental implants suffered complications within a nine-year period, these are the results of a thesis presented at the University of Gothenburg. In Sweden, more than 30 000 patients receive implant-supported restorative therapy (treatment with dental implants to replace lost teeth) on an annual basis. Good long-time results […]

New AI model helps understand virus spread from animals to humans

15 June, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

A new model that applies artificial intelligence to carbohydrates improves the understanding of the infection process and could help predict which viruses are likely to spread from animals to humans. This is reported in a recent study led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg. Carbohydrates participate in nearly all biological processes – yet they […]