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Solar cell material can assist self-driving cars in the dark

28 September, 2023 - Linköpings universitet

Material used in organic solar cells can also be used as light sensors in electronics. This is shown by researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, who have developed a type of sensor able to detect circularly polarised red light. Their study, published in Nature Photonics, paves the way for more reliable self-driving vehicles and other uses where night vision is important.

Low-grade intestinal inflammation a long time after radiotherapy 

28 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Patients who have undergone pelvic radiotherapy may live with low-grade chronic inflammation of the lower intestine 20 years after the treatment. This has been shown in a study by researchers at the University of Gothenburg.  Radiotherapy is often necessary to cure or slow down a cancer. Even though today’s radiotherapies feature a high level of […]

Researchers pioneer safe chemotherapy methods for treating bacterial infections

26 September, 2023 - Linköpings universitet

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a threat to human lives, and yet the development of new drugs to treat bacterial infections is slow. A group of proven drugs used in cancer treatment for decades could possibly be the solution. A new class of antibiotics is now being developed by researchers at Linköping University, Sweden.

‘Doubly magic’ oxygen isotope provides new clues to the strong nuclear force

21 September, 2023 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

A first observation of the volatile atomic nucleus oxygen-28 sheds new light on the strong nuclear force that is central to all visible matter in the universe. Chalmers researchers have contributed to the groundbreaking discovery, presented in Nature, with both extensive theoretical calculations and development of the experimental method and complex set of instruments used in the experiment.

Lower risk of haematological cancer after bariatric surgery

21 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Obesity surgery is associated with a 40% lower risk of haematological cancer. This has been shown in a study at the University of Gothenburg. This clear link is expected to influence future research in the field. Previous studies have shown that overweight and obesity are risk factors for several types of cancer. It is also […]

Obesity particularly hard on people with bipolar disorders

20 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

The obesity pandemic is particularly hard on people with bipolar disorders. This has been shown in a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg. The results suggest that the group of adults with bipolar disorders will fall behind in life expectancy compared with the general population. It is already known that adults with bipolar disorders […]

The pandemic a tough time also for pharmacies

15 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Customers showing up even when they were sick, not agreeing with the restrictions, and many new tasks for staff. These are factors that contributed to heavier workloads and tougher work environments in pharmacies during the pandemic, a study reveals. The scientific study, published in the journal Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy, was conducted […]

Older people may have glaucoma without realizing it 

7 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

It can be hard to know that you have glaucoma. In a study carried out at the University of Gothenburg, almost five percent of 70-year-olds were found to have glaucoma, and half of those diagnosed were unaware that they had the disease. Glaucoma is a common eye disease that damages the optic nerve and thereby […]

Arm and head injuries most common in wartime civilians

6 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Arm and head injuries are the most common in wartime civilians, both children and adults. This is according to a scientific report from the newly established Center for Disaster Medicine at the University of Gothenburg. The report, titled “Civilt skadepanorama i krig” (Civilian Injury Landscape in War) was commissioned by the National Board of Health […]

Taxpayers should foot the bill if EU demands efficient removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewaters

5 September, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Public sector should pay if EU demands efficient removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewaters, according to researchers at the Centre for Antibiotic Research, CARe, at the University of Gothenburg. Their argumentation analysis, published in the journal Public Health Ethics, raises important questions of responsibility. As the use of medication increases, the problem of pollution and associated […]