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Innovative research project on cultural entrepreneurship receives SEK 25 million from The Kamprad Family Foundation

20 May, 2022 - Linnéuniversitetet

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity funds a research and collaborative project on cultural entrepreneurship with a grant of SEK 25 million to Linnaeus University. The project is led by professor Anders Högberg at the Department of Cultural Sciences at Linnaeus University. It will run for five years, starting in 2022. “The […]

Historical Spanish-Japanese friendship turned out to be a myth

6 December, 2021 - Linnéuniversitetet

Historian Birgit Tremml-Werner at Linnaeus University has studied letters, agreements and licenses between the Spanish Empire and Japan in the 17th century. She investigated how the word “friendship” was used and translated. The result: the Spaniards often spoke of friendship in their trade documents, while the Japanese neither used nor translated the word. In both […]

New Research Project on Future Food Cultures in the Wake of the Climate Crisis

29 November, 2021 - Linnéuniversitetet

Professor of English Professsor Johan Höglund at the Department of Languages and the cutting-edge research centre LNUC Concurrences at Linnaeus University, is awarded 2.8 million SEK from Formas, the government research council for sustainable development, for the project “Future Food Imaginaries in Global Climate Fiction”. This is a project about how film and literature imagine […]

Researchers from Mälardalen University are creating the first designs of the 19-passenger hybrid electric commuter aircraft

22 November, 2021 - Mälardalens universitet

Small (hybrid) electric planes just like the conceptualized 19-passenger commuter aircraft are about to change regional air travel in the future. The apparent benefits of the commuter aircraft are their fuel efficiency and the fact that they can be employed on routes that are geographically or economically far-fetched, compared to other means of transportation. Moreover, the global scientific and industrial communities are seeing aircraft electrification as one potential solution to reduce gaseous and noise emissions. Researchers at Mälardalen University, Sweden and at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, work together with Limmat Scientific AG, Switzerland in this research project which aim to re-think flight.

Universitetskajen in Kalmar finally inaugurated

30 August, 2021 - Linnéuniversitetet

Last Friday, the official inauguration of Universitetskajen could finally take place, after a delay of more than six months. A long awaited and historical day, that offered greetings from Björn Ulvaeus, a soprano in the sky, and a real surprise from Kalmar municipality, worth a total of SEK 300 million. The day started with an […]

Why every apocalyptic narrative needs a haven

27 May, 2021 - Karlstads universitet

Novels, films, and games that describe wastelands and worlds in ruin tend to feature places of rest – peaceful oases and havens in stark contrast to the surrounding wasteland. What is the function of these places in post-apocalyptic fiction? Karlstad University’s Andreas Nyström investigates further in his doctoral thesis, Places of Rest in Worlds of Ruins: Havens in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.

Major risk of injury for recreational runners

12 April, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Almost half of all recreational runners incur injuries, mostly relating to knees, calves or Achilles tendons, and the level of risk is equally high whatever your age, gender or running experience. These are the findings of a thesis within sport science. Doctoral student Jonatan Jungmalm recruited a little over 200 recreational runners from the list […]

Researchers have broken the code for cell communication

11 February, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Knowledge on how cells communicate is an important key to understanding many biological systems and diseases. A research team led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg has now used a unique combination of methods to map the mechanism behind cellular communication. Their findings can potentially improve understanding of the underlying mechanism behind type 2 diabetes.

Sweden’s new innovation centre for information driven care

10 September, 2020 - Högskolan i Halmstad

Leap for Life is a new innovation centre for information driven care. It is a joint initiative in the county of Halland for a collaborative effort in future healthcare between Halmstad University, Region Halland, all municipalities in Halland and the region’s business sector.