Press releases


Linnaeus Delegation created

27 May, 2005 - Vetenskapsrådet

The Swedish government yesterday commissioned the Swedish Research Council to set up a delegation with the assignment of coordinating the Linnaeus Anniversary in Sweden and to appropriate and allocate funds for efforts
within this framework. For 2005 the government is reserving SEK 7 million to coordinate the Linnaeus Anniversary.

Strong commitment to Swedish research

23 March, 2005 - Vetenskapsrådet

In its bill Research for a Better Life (2004/05:80) the Swedish government presents its appraisal of how SEK 2.34 billion in new funding for research and development should be used with an eye to bolstering the position of Sweden as a research nation. The measures target both pure and needs-specific research and are geared to stimulate new Swedish innovations for growth and sustainable development

Top-rung research environments singled out

17 February, 2005 - SLU

A panel of acknowledged international experts has identified Sweden’s foremost environments for basic research. The Swedish Research Council will be able to finance ten of the 27 research environments of excellence that have been winnowed from 261 applications. These research teams are from all over the country and represent all disciplinary domains.

New forum reinforces plans for neutron source in Scania

2 February, 2005 - Vetenskapsrådet

An important step has been taken on the way to building the world’s most powerful neutron source­-ESS­-European Spallation Source-­in Scania, the southern Swedish province. To strengthen international contacts, not least with the business community, a collaborative group has been established, including members from the Nordic countries and several research financiers. The group will be called ESS Innovation Forum.

Sunlight reduces risk of lymph gland cancer

2 February, 2005 - Karolinska Institutet

A new study from Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University shows that, contrary to previous belief, sunlight reduces the chances of developing tumours in the lymphatic glands (malignant lymphoma). The study is to be published in the next number of The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Technolution Pictures in Alexandria

10 September, 2004 - SLU

The Swedish architect Peter Broberg’s acclaimed Technolution Pictures will be exhibited from September 11 through the end of the month at the new library in Alexandria, Egypt, during the world youth convention “Global Environmental Youth Convention.”