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Why every apocalyptic narrative needs a haven

27 May, 2021 - Karlstads universitet

Novels, films, and games that describe wastelands and worlds in ruin tend to feature places of rest – peaceful oases and havens in stark contrast to the surrounding wasteland. What is the function of these places in post-apocalyptic fiction? Karlstad University’s Andreas Nyström investigates further in his doctoral thesis, Places of Rest in Worlds of Ruins: Havens in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.

Major risk of injury for recreational runners

12 April, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Almost half of all recreational runners incur injuries, mostly relating to knees, calves or Achilles tendons, and the level of risk is equally high whatever your age, gender or running experience. These are the findings of a thesis within sport science. Doctoral student Jonatan Jungmalm recruited a little over 200 recreational runners from the list […]

Researchers have broken the code for cell communication

11 February, 2021 - Göteborgs universitet

Knowledge on how cells communicate is an important key to understanding many biological systems and diseases. A research team led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg has now used a unique combination of methods to map the mechanism behind cellular communication. Their findings can potentially improve understanding of the underlying mechanism behind type 2 diabetes.

Swedish space technology ready to explore oceans under the ice on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

21 August, 2020 - Institutet för rymdfysik

Now the first of two Swedish-led Jupiter instruments has left the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) to take its place on the European spacecraft JUICE. The Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation instrument (RPWI) will measure electric and magnetic fields to identify and map the oceans beneath the frozen ice cover of the moon Ganymede.

Nudging out the coronavirus with behavioral economics

1 June, 2020 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Human behavior is key in any pandemic. So how can a little nudge in the right direction change our behavior for the better? Researcher Nurit Nobel explains the science behind encouraging good behaviors – and how it can help us during the pandemic.

How corona is changing the retail industry

15 May, 2020 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Social distancing has fundamentally changed shopping behaviors and thereby the retail industry – but what will happen next? What opportunities may arise as the dust settles and we move towards a new normal? The corona pandemic has struck a hard blow to the retail industry. Social distancing means fewer customers passing through brick and mortar […]

Seven top European universities join forces to improve citizens’ well-being

31 January, 2020 - Linnéuniversitetet

The Rectors, Presidents and Vice-Chancellors from seven of Europe’s leading universities met in Köln (Germany) to launch their shared vision for improving European citizens’ quality of life by creating a European University for Well-Being. Through top level education and research, the alliance will help to create an environment that allows for European citizens and their […]

Three new honorary doctors at Linnaeus University

30 October, 2019 - Linnéuniversitetet

A Dutch professor of literary theory and cultural analysis, an American professor of organisational theory, and a former chief commissioner of Kronoberg County Police Department are Linnaeus University’s honorary doctors for 2020. Mieke Bal is appointed honorary doctor 2020 by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Mieke Bal is professor of literary theory and cultural […]

Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women

31 May, 2017 - Uppsala universitet

Epigenetic changes are chemical modifications that turn our genes off or on. In a new study from Uppsala University, researchers show that tea consumption in women leads to epigenetic changes in genes that are known to interact with cancer and estrogen metabolism. The results are published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics.

Booklaunch – Vicke Lindstrand On The Periphery

18 November, 2016 - Uppsala universitet

Australian design historian Mark Ian Jones launches his new book Vicke Lindstrand On The Periphery- the first English language publication to examine the life and work of the Swedish artist and his place in Scandinavian design history. The author describes the image and reception of an artist and designer who didn’t “fit the mould” but has shown to be more influential than previously perceived.