Press releases


Carl Thunberg’s Japanese plants to be digitised

11 March, 2013 - Uppsala universitet

In stiff competition the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University, Sweden, has been granted funding for digitising the Japanese parts of the Thunberg collection. The project will make the valuable plants available to the whole world, online.

Scientists have a responsibility for research that can be used to harm

7 March, 2013 - Uppsala universitet

Do scientists have a responsibility for research that is used to harm others? In a doctoral thesis from Uppsala University, Frida Kuhlau discusses to what extent Life Science researchers have a responsibility to prevent their research from being used to develop biological weapons.

Researchers guardians of trust in biobank research

18 February, 2013 - Uppsala universitet

Do we trust biobank researchers? In a doctoral thesis from Uppsala University, medical doctor and bioethicist Linus Johnsson claims that we do: At least in Sweden. And since we do, researchers in turn have a moral responsibility towards us.

Engineers less empathetic

17 January, 2013 - Linköpings universitet

Are engineering students less empathetic than students in the caring professions? Yes, the findings from a study performed at Linköping University indicate that this is the case. The study comprises more than 200 students from six different study programs and was carried out by Chato Rasoal, a researcher in psychology, together with two colleagues.

Lakes react differently to warmer climate

4 October, 2012 - Lunds universitet

A future warmer climate will produce different effects in different lakes. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have now been able to explain that the effects of climate change depend on what organisms are dominant in the lake. Algal blooms will increase, especially of toxic blue-green algae.

The birdy smell of a compatible partner

7 September, 2012 - Lunds universitet

New evidence shows that birds may choose their mate with the help of smell. They prefer a dissimilar mate because this gives their young a more efficient immune system. This has been shown in a new study by researchers from Lund University in Sweden, in a Swedish-French collaboration.

Gender bias in leading scientific journals

30 August, 2012 - Lunds universitet

Fewer women than men are asked to write in the leading scientific journals. That is established by two researchers from Lund University in Sweden, who criticise the gender bias.

Sweden, China Expanding Research Co-operation

23 August, 2012 - KTH (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan)

A signing ceremony marking the official start of far-reaching new collaboration in biomedicine and biotechnology research and education was the highlight of a visit to Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology by a 14-member delegation from China’s Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) on August 17. The exchange also included two days of discussions on the next phase of the relationship, where energy and materials research will be in focus.

Half of inhaled diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs

27 June, 2012 - Lunds universitet

The exhaust from diesel-fuelled vehicles, wood fires and coal-driven power stations contains small particles of soot that flow out into the atmosphere. The soot is a scourge for the climate but also for human health. Now for the first time, researchers have studied in detail how diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs. The results show that more than half of all inhaled soot particles remain in the body.