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Social sciences

American democracy suffering due to ageing leaders

24 January, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Leaders in the US are getting older. For example, politicians in the House of Representatives are 20 years older than the average voter, and the country’s 80-year-old President may stand for re-election. According to research from the University of Gothenburg, there is a risk that younger voters will become disinterested in democracy in the USA […]

More regulations and increased enforcement from the European Commission

5 January, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

The European Commission has changed its strategies for making sure that the member states comply with EU law: from collaborations and dialogue to more regulations and increased enforcement. This is shown in a new study by Brigitte Pircher, associate professor of political science, that covers more than 30 years. How have the European Commission’s strategies […]

Joining efforts in research on antibiotic resistance

16 December, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Research on antibiotic resistance will broaden significantly when the Center for Antibiotic Resistance Research (CARe) in Gothenburg expands. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is one of the most serious global health threats. Over a million people die annually as a direct result of infections caused by resistant bacteria. Lack of effective antibiotics jeopardizes much of modern […]

Shame or hope? How should we feel about climate change?

1 December, 2022 - Institutet för Framtidsstudier

In an award-winning article, philosopher Julia Mosquera and researcher in psychology Kirsti Jylhä, help us sort out our climate emotions. Is it okay to enjoy warmer summers, given they are caused by climate change? Should we feel shame when we fly, and is anxiety an overreaction or a rational response to the current climate crisis? There is widespread disagreement about how we should feel regarding climate change, and this process of normativization runs the risk of going wrong if we believe there is just one appropriate emotion.

Roman roads laid the foundation for modern-day prosperity

15 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Even though it is over 2,000 years since the ancient Roman road networks were established, there are clear connections between the routes of the roads and modern-day prosperity. In a study in economics, the researchers investigate the importance of the Roman road network in maintaining or losing wealth through the centuries.

Economic interests cloud hazardous chemicals reductions

10 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

The regulation of hazardous chemicals in Europe has been shaped by economic interests, according to a study published in Nature Communications. The researchers, from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, find that regulators focus on chemicals of secondary importance leading to lesser than anticipated hazard reductions.

The bleak economic future of Russia

1 November, 2022 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Is the Russian economy “surprisingly resilient” to sanctions and actions of the West? The short answer is no. In this policy brief, Maria Perrotta Berlin and Jesper Roine, researchers from the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), discusses the bleak economic future of Russia.

Nostalgia — A Rhetorical Tool for Populists and the Radical Right

27 October, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Nostalgic rhetoric is used by parties and political movements on both the right and the left, as they imagine and make use of different versions of the past. Research shows that ideas of a homogeneous population are central to the idealization of the past by right-wing populists and the radical right. Globalization, digitalization, war, inflation, […]

Trust in healthcare is essential for dealing with antibiotic resistance

21 October, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Do many Swedes obtain antibiotics without a prescription, and what drives their behaviour when this happens? The answers are important when it comes to dealing with antibiotic resistance, which is a serious challenge for the entire healthcare sector. Practical philosophers and political scientists at the University of Gothenburg have carried out a large study examining […]

New research hub to meet the governance challenges of an uncertain future

11 October, 2022 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

The world is facing complex and major challenges, including energy supply, climate change and integration. Finding solutions will require collaborative governance that crosses the boundaries of the private and public. To meet the demand for such knowledge the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is launching a new research hub – the House of Governance and Public Policy (GaPP).