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Iron Age port discovered on Gotska Sandön

19 September, 2023 - Södertörns högskola

New finds on the Baltic Sea island of Gotska Sandön have provided additional pieces for the puzzle of this 2000-year-old site. Researchers have now uncovered parts of what they believe could be a type of port in the same location as the Roman coins found earlier this year. In the spring of 2023, a team […]

They fall more easily for conspiracy

7 September, 2023 - Linköpings universitet

People who primarily use their own gut feeling to determine what is true and false are more likely to believe conspiracy theories. That is the conclusion of researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, who have investigated the relationship between susceptibility to misleading information and the conviction that the truth is relative.

More female diplomats in the world today

21 June, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

The United Nations has designated 24 June as International Day of Women in Diplomacy. A new dataset was recently published that documents the share of women and men among the world’s ambassadors. The research programme Gender in Diplomacy (GenDip) at the University of Gothenburg has developed the dataset, which will enable entirely new types of […]

Russia’s ‘phantom pains’ led to the war in Ukraine

13 June, 2023 - Södertörns högskola

If we want to understand the war now happening in Europe, we need to investigate the Russian president’s worldview and his underlying motivation – as well as those of Ukraine. Political scientist Anders Nordström describes Russia as a fallen empire with phantom pains. Ukraine was declared an independent state in 1991, after 90 per cent […]

Prejudice among voters may lead to underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in politics

24 May, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

For a democracy to function as well as possible, it is necessary for the politicians who govern the country to reflect the population. Ethnic minorities are often underrepresented in many countries, including the Nordic countries. This can create problems. A new study seeks to understand why there are so few people with foreign backgrounds in […]

Why don’t more people become politically engaged in semi-authoritarian regimes like Russia?

9 May, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

A common perception is that people don’t become politically engaged due to a lack of education or political knowledge. In a new thesis, Elizaveta Kopacheva argues that this often isn’t the case. In Russia, for example, political engagement is a privilege of those belonging to the right social networks; those who are already privileged. Transitioning […]

Revealing research on EU body with great power over legislation but lack transparency

5 May, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

New thesis: EU’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB) said to be biased and having too much influence The Regulatory Scrutiny Board was established by the European Commission in 2015 as an independent body to contribute to better EU legislation. The problem, however, is that the board has gained great power, is exposed to the influence of […]

30 years of data shows: Population growth is the main driver of increased carbon emissions

24 April, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

The richest countries emit more carbon dioxide than the rest of the world combined, while population is only growing in the poorest countries. These are two widespread notions that argue for focusing on reducing emissions per capita in order to mitigate climate change. But this is not entirely true on the light of data from […]

Researchers illustrate the media’s power to affect behavioral change during COVID-19 in Sweden

20 April, 2023 - Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Increased media coverage of COVID-19 led to more individuals taking preventive measures such as hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks, new research from the Stockholm School of Economics and Jönköping University shows. This highlights the important role that accurate and timely reporting plays in promoting public health measures during a pandemic.

New dissertation: 102 interviewed world leaders reflecting Georgia’s geopolitical situation

27 March, 2023 - Linnéuniversitetet

To understand Georgia’s strained geopolitical position, one must be aware of the differences in how various political elites within and outside the country view Georgia. Natia Gamkrelidze has examined these differences in a new dissertation by interviewing 102 individuals in a position of power from the U.S., NATO, the EU, Russia, and Georgia. Images of […]