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Social sciences

Softening agent from PVC cause of asthma and allergic symptoms among children

16 August, 2004 - Formas

There is a clear co-variation between allergic symptoms in children and the concentration of softening agents in their homes. This is a finding made by a Swedish-Danish research team in a recently published study financed by Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences, and Spatial Planning.

Employers reject the unemployed

22 March, 2004 - Institutet för arbetsmarknads- och utbildningspolitisk utvärdering

Swedish employers seem to view being unemployed as a negative trait. A new study from IFAU (Institute for Labor Market Policy Evaluation) shows that companies prefer to contact applicants who have jobs rather than those who are unemployed, even t though the individuals are identical in all other respects. This aggravates the situation of the unemployed when it comes to finding work.

What happens to Africa’s orphans?

12 March, 2004 - Göteborgs universitet

A new study shows that grandmothers who took in their orphaned grandchildren experience a great deal of stress owing to their advanced age, poverty, responsibility, and lack of emotional and practical support. In spite of this stress they did not feel that their grandchildren were less well adjusted socially than ‘ordinary’ children. Stressed grandmothers used tough methods to raise their grandchildren. Toughness in combination with love seems to have counteracted the risk of maladjustment among these grandchildren.

Can we be motivated not to take the car so often?

12 March, 2004 - Göteborgs universitet

Yes, we can, according to this dissertation from Göteborg University, which deals with the impact of road tolls on car use, factors that influence attitudes to road tolls, and road tolls in comparison with other types of steering mechanisms targeting automobile use. But you have to have a positive attitude toward cutting down on car use (which people rarely have) and you have to plan how to go about it and regularly monitor your progress in relation to a realistic goal. Otherwise routines and impulsive actions, especially shopping, will prevent any decrease in the mileage you chalk up.

Unemployment leads to political passiveness

1 March, 2004 - Uppsala universitet

Unemployed people are often politically passive. They vote less often in general elections than others, and they don’t believe in their own ability to influence events. In his doctoral dissertation, Per Adman, of the Uppsala University Department of Government, shows the interests of the unemployed risk being ignored when political decisions are made.