FOI is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in defence and security.

The agency has 1000 employees. About 850 of these are researchers at academic level including some 300 with doctoral qualifications or above. FOI employs physicists, chemists, chartered engineers, social scientists, mathematicians and philosophers engaged in research, methodology and technology development, analyses and studies.

We carry out security analyses and assessments of different kinds of threats. We are leaders in submarine research and in research relating to explosive substances. Our areas also include aviation systems, ICT security, radar, laser and other sensor systems as well as protection against hazardous substances.

FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence. Our main customers are The Swedish Armed Forces and the Defence Materiel Administration. Our clients from the defence sector place very high demands on advanced research, which benefits our civilian customers. We undertake assignments from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as from the Civil Contingencies Agency and other civilian government and local agencies, and industry.

The FOI know-how is much in demand internationally and we lead or participate in a number of EU-funded projects. FOI’s research and development is conducted both within a long-term perspective with the aim of building up basic research and in developing knowledge-based applications. Our research and development work, together with analyses and studies, is always directed towards meeting the needs of our clients. At FOI we work towards our vision – a safer and more secure future.




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Head of public authority (President/Vice-Chancellor/CEO/DG):

Jan-Olof Lind


Press contact


Maria Hugosson Bygge


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Mobile phone:

+46-73 444 77 55