Forte – Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare is a research funding agency under the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs.


Forte’s mission:

  • Promoting and supporting  basic and applied research
  • Identifying research needs relevant to our areas of responsibility
  • Dialogue, dissemination of information and transfer of knowledge to prioritized target groups.
  • Promoting cooperation between researchers both nationally and internationally.


Research Funding:

Forte’s main research support is through project grants. The scientists submit their proposals and subsequently their scientific merit and societal relevance are assessed through a peer review process. To stimulate research of excellence within specific areas the Council may award research grants to Centres of Excellence. Forte also finances post-doc and research positions at Swedish universities. Forte operates the Forte Marie Curie International Postdoc Programme.


Forte also

– evaluates research within our areas of responsibility
– is responsible for coordinating research within the areas of the elderly, children and young people, disability, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) and socio-scientific alcohol and drug research

– promotes multidisciplinary research
– promotes research relating to sex equality
– promotes gender perspective in research application


Box 894 SE- 101 37 STOCKHOLM


+468 775 40 70

Head of public authority (President/Vice-Chancellor/CEO/DG):

Ewa Ställdal


Press contact


Annie Rosell


+46-87 75 40 96

Mobile phone:

+46-70 648 85 71