Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) is a foundation that promotes and supports research in the humanities and social sciences.
RJ was founded under a Riksdag (Swedish parliament) decision of 1962, when a donation for the purpose from Sweden’s central bank, the Riksbank, was approved. The annual return was to be spent on supporting academic research connected with Sweden. When the wage-earner funds were dissolved in 1993, RJ received a further SEK 1.5 billion.
Through its initiatives, RJ seeks to help generate new research and to consolidate and develop existing academic knowledge. The objective is to enable Swedish research in RJ’s sphere of activity to attain international prominence.


Box 5675, SE-114 86 Stockholm


+46-850 62 64 00

Head of public authority (President/Vice-Chancellor/CEO/DG):

Göran Blomqvist



Press contact


Hanna Köllerström


+46-8 506 26 435

Mobile phone: