The University of BorÃ¥s fosters learning, knowledge, and innovation of high quality in an international setting and with significant social relevance. We work together here–for the future and to make a difference!

Our research is organised in six areas:

  • Business and IT
  • Integrated Nursing Science
  • Library and Information Science
  • Resource Recovery
  • Educational Work
  • Textiles and Fashion (design and general)

We are entitled to award doctoral degrees within four of these areas; Library and Information Science, Resource Recovery, Textiles and Fashion (design and general) and The Human Perspective in Care.



501 90 Borås


+46-33 435 40 00

Head of public authority (President/Vice-Chancellor/CEO/DG):

Mats Tinnsten


Press contact


Anna Kjellsson


Mobile phone:

+46 734 61 20 01