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Monitoring staff with a license to dive

30 June, 2022 - Umeå universitet

Now Umeå University can proudly present four employees who have obtained the Swedish professional diving certificate S-30. On behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, macrovegetation in the Gulf of Bothnia will be monitored within the national environmental monitoring.

Pioneering recycling turns mixed waste into premium plastics with no climate impact

30 June, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

Only a fraction of the material that could be turned into new plastic is currently recycled. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have now demonstrated how the carbon atoms in mixed waste can replace all fossil raw materials in the production of new plastic. The recycling method is inspired by the natural carbon […]

Iceland volcano eruption opens a rare window into the Earth beneath our feet

29 June, 2022 - Uppsala universitet

The recent Fagradalsfjall eruption in the southwest of Iceland has enthralled the whole world, including nature lovers and scientists alike. The eruption was especially important as it provided geologists with a unique opportunity to study magmas that were accumulated in a deep crustal magma reservoir but ultimately derived from the Earth’s mantle (below 20 km).

Oral contraceptives and hormone therapy increase the risk of stroke

28 June, 2022 - Uppsala universitet

Oral contraceptives and hormone therapy at menopause increase the risk of stroke. The increased risk is greatest during the first year of treatment and then declines. The study, which is now published in Stroke, is based on data from over a quarter of a million women from the UK Biobank database.

Spinal fractures in the elderly are preventable with simple X-rays

28 June, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Among older people, vertebral compression fractures are very common, and those with such fractures are at high risk of incurring new ones. Findings in a new thesis from the University of Gothenburg indicate that a simple X-ray method should be introduced as a routine procedure in Swedish health care. More elderly patients can then be diagnosed and given the most efficacious drugs.

New technology turns the whole fish into food

28 June, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

In the meat industry, it’s common practice to turn the whole animal into food products. In the fish industry, over half of the weight of the fish ends up as side-streams which never reach our plates. This takes a toll on the environment and is out of step with Swedish food and fisheries strategies. Now, food researchers […]

Increasing heat waves affect up to half a billion people

28 June, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

In a new scientific journal article, researchers from the University of Gothenburg, amongst others, paint a gloomy picture for the rest of the century. Heat waves are expected to increase, affecting up to half a billion people every year in South Asia.

A small lowering of the groundwater level can destroy house foundations

20 June, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

As early as 2000 years ago, the great Roman architect Vitruvius wrote that wooden piles must be driven down into mud or waterlogged ground and buried completely in order to create a stable foundation for buildings. A new thesis from the University of Gothenburg shows that wooden pile foundations show visible damage after only a year if the groundwater level lowers.

Large-scale cultivation of microalgae can clean emissions from industry, also in Nordic climate

16 June, 2022 - Linnéuniversitetet

Microalgae can recover greenhouse gases and nutrients from industrial waste. This technology can be used to reduce climate footprint and eutrophication. Lina Mattsson’s dissertation in ecology shows that microalgae can be used also in the Nordic climate, which has previously been considered a challenge as the algae are dependent on heat and sunlight. The technology, […]