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Better neutron mirrors can reveal the inner secrets of matter

29 February, 2024 - Linköpings universitet

Improved neutron mirrors can increase the efficiency of material analysis in neutron sources such as the ESS, which is being built outside Lund, Sweden. The improved mirror has been developed by researchers at Linköping University by coating a silicon plate with extremely thin layers of iron and silicon mixed with boron carbide. Their study has been published in the journal Science Advances.

Urgent need for guidelines for the care of child victims of sexual abuse

29 February, 2024 - Linköpings universitet

Only half of 34 surveyed European countries have national guidelines on how to provide clinical care and treatment to children who have experienced sexual abuse. This finding was revealed in a study led by researchers at Barnafrid, a national knowledge centre in the field of violence and other abuse against children, at Linköping University in Sweden. The consequences for the affected children can be severe, according to the researchers.

Stone Age strategy for avoiding inbreeding

28 February, 2024 - Uppsala universitet

Blood relations and kinship were not all-important for the way hunter-gatherer communities lived during the Stone Age in Western Europe. A new genetic study, conducted at several well-known French Stone Age burial sites, shows that several distinct families lived together. This was probably a deliberate system for avoiding inbreeding.

Highest quality in residential elder care homes without profit incentives

27 February, 2024 - Göteborgs universitet

Sweden’s best non-municipal long-term residential care homes are run by non-profit actors, research from the University of Gothenburg shows. The consequences of privatization for Swedish welfare have been discussed for many years, especially concerning elderly care. Today, about 20 percent of all residential care homes are run by non-municipal actors. A new study shows that […]

Uppsala University sets new world record for CIGS solar cells

26 February, 2024 - Uppsala universitet

Uppsala University is the new world record holder for electrical energy generation from CIGS solar cells. The new world record is 23.64 per cent efficiency. The measurement was made by an independent institute and the results are published in the journal Nature Energy.

Researchers overestimate their own honesty

26 February, 2024 - Linköpings universitet

The average researcher thinks they are better than their colleagues at following good research practice. They also think that their own research field is better than other research fields at following good research practice. This is shown in a new study by researchers at Linköping University. The results point to a risk of becoming blind to one’s own shortcomings, according to the Linköping researchers.

Death and grief in Swedish children’s books

21 February, 2024 - Uppsala universitet

Death is blue, or a flying animal. This is how death is most commonly illustrated in Swedish children’s literature, according to a new study from Uppsala University based on analyses of 62 books. Just six out of ten books use the word ‘dead’, which may be a problem.

New cloud model could help with climate research

21 February, 2024 - Göteborgs universitet

When clouds meet clear skies, cloud droplets evaporate as they mix with dry air. A new study involving researchers from the University of Gothenburg has succeeded in capturing what happens in a model. Ultimately, this could lead to more accurate climate modeling in the future. The clouds in the sky have a significant impact on […]

New research project examining Ukraine’s role in the history of nuclear power

20 February, 2024 - Södertörns högskola

Nuclear physics was a research subject in Ukraine long before the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl was built – research that contributed to the development of both nuclear power and the atomic bomb. Despite this, the country’s role in nuclear history is largely unknown, says Tatiana Kasperski, whose research aims to broaden the picture. “When […]