“That Stockholm has been chosen to host the 14th edition is testimony to AlbaNova’s interdisciplinary approach,” said conference-chair Richard Jacobsson from CERN , “and we have reflected this in the way the conference has been organized”. Although focusing on real-time computing applications for physics research, the conference attracts contributions from fields as diverse as space science and biology. “Instead of organizing the programme according to research topic,” explained Jacobsson, “we have grouped talks according to the type of application”. As a result, speakers on subjects as different as astrophysics and medical imaging will find themselves in the same sessions, maximising the opportunities for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

This approach fits comfortably with the ethos of the host venue, Stockholm’s AlbaNova University Centre. Inaugurated in 2001 as a joint venture between two Stockholm higher education establishments, the Royal Institute of technology (KTH) and Stockholm University, AlbaNova was designed to break down boundaries between disciplines to create a stimulating research environment for physics, astronomy and biotechnology. It houses these departments from its two partner establishments, and has already made a name for itself as an exciting and innovative place for research and learning

Journalists are welcome to participate in the programme. Full details of the conference are available at http://www.physto.se/RT2005

Richard Jacobsson can be reached at Richard.Jacobsson@cern.ch, or by telephone at +41-76-487 37 30 or +46-8-55 37 86 00.