Lena Henriksen, Nordic School of Public Health Participants had prenatal check-ups with project midwives, delivered their babies at Ullevål University Hospital, and were discharged from the hospital early in the postnatal period. Project midwives visited all participants.
The aim of the study has been to evaluate Barsel hjemme by examining patient satisfaction and assessing their experiences and desires through the prism of continuity.
– Women who participated in Barsel hjemme were very satisfied, generally more satisfied than women from a standard postnatal ward, says Lena Henriksen.
They did not define continuity of care as being cared for by the same person. Midwives’ ability to create a personal connection and treat participants as individuals was paramount.
– Expectations played an important role, says Henriksen.
Participants wanted greater continuity in the information given during pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period.

Supervisor: Professor Eva Johansson, Nordic School of Public Health

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