To strengthen the international science environment, the Department of Computer Science and Electronics has chosen to recruit internationally. 9 doctoral students from China, Brazil, Macedonia, Iran, Turkey, France and Iraq now do their research at Mälardalen University.

”Mobility across the borders is important for development and new knowledge and ideas”, Åsa Lundkvist, vice-chairman and head of the undergraduate programmes, explains. She also states that the new recruitment also will increase the cooperation with international partners, both concerning the undergraduate programmes and the science at the university.

Many of the newly recruited scientists will both research and teach during their stay at Mälardalen University. “International scientists with experience of Swedish science, higher education, culture and business world will become really good ambassadors for our country”, Åsa explains. She also emphasizes the trade of knowledge; Mälardalen University will get insight in to other cultures thanks to the international recruitment.

Except for the 9 doctoral students, the Department of Computer Science and Electronics has allotted scholar ships to scientists from Korea and Rumania. The department is also recruiting three professors and the number of international applicants is high. A visiting German professor is also going to work at the department, financed by his host University in Australia. So one can easily claim the Department of Computer Science and Electronics at Mälardalen’s University really is an international science environment.

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Telephone: 0046-21-15 17 23