Every year the European Union (EU) funds 10–15 Marie Curie Professorial Chairs. The aim is to encourage prominent scientists in strategically important fields to continue their research in Europe or to return to the continent. To be considered for a Marie Curie Chair, a host institution at a European university must actively promote a candidacy.

The French climate scientist Barbara Nozière will now be the first Marie Curie professor in Sweden. The EU has granted her funding for a three-year sojourn at the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University. Barbara Nozière is an expert on aerosols (tiny particles in the air) and is researching how they arise, develop, and impact the formation of clouds. These processes are of key importance to understanding the climate system and how humans have influenced the climate and can be assumed to do so in the future. The research is largely carried out in laboratories and straddles the border between chemistry and physics.

The EU has also given Barbara Nozière an “International Reintegration Grant,” which is designed to facilitate the return of European researchers to a new European environment. The allocations will help finance a doctoral candidate to be supervised by Barbara Noziére. This means she will command a total of mSEK 5 within the framework of the Marie Curie Program.

“I was looking for a department that would provide me with new perspectives and that would benefit from my own expertise, and Stockholm University emerged as an excellent choice. The Department of Meteorology has also actively supported me in the application process,” says Barbara Nozière.

Barbara Nozière will be coming directly from a position at the University of Miami. She has previously worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany.

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