The study FOI is going to carry out is titled “Detection of IED with CBRN Payload.” CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear substances. The budget is €75,000, and the study is to be completed by the end of July this year.

The study comprises several parts. A threat assessment is to be done regarding what explosive substances might be used by terrorists. The researchers are also going to map the detection methods that exist today, based on today’s research. The commission also involves proposing an action plan for how the EDA should proceed with this matter.

This is the first time the EDA has funded a research task where the principal contractor is a Swedish organization. FOI is the main contractor and was awarded the assignment in competition with research contractors in other EU countries.

“It is extremely gratifying to be trusted with the execution of this study in collaboration with our partners,” says Henrik Östmark, research director at FOI. “This shows their recognition of our prominent position in detection and security involving hazardous substances.”

The French research organization CEB (Centre d’études du Bouchet) and the Swedish company Combitech are participating as subcontractors.

Henrik Ă–stmark, research director, phone: +46 8-555 041 91; cell phone: +46 70-927 72 21,