Knut Warmland
Knut Warmland, author,dialect scholar and an authority on the author Gustaf Fröding, has written about culture in his region, Värmland, for decades. He has, among other things, published around 30 books and articles on Fröding and a highly commended dictionary of the regional dialect in 1997. Knut Warmland will receive his award for his contributions to the fields of literature and language.

Harriet Bradley
Harriet Bradley is Professor of Sociology at Bristol University. She is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of social science, particularly in the area of women’s work and situation in the workplace.

Martin McKee
Professor Martin McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was closely associated with public health studies at Karlstad University in the years before and subsequent to the inauguration of the university. Martin McKee’s commitments greatly contributed to the establishing of the discipline in Karlstad.

Jiri Basta
Jiri Basta was adjunct professor in paper and pulp engineering at Karlstad University in the period 1999-2009. Although retired, he presently works part-time for Eka Chemicals and the Asian Institute of Technology in Nabgkok, Thailand. In his capacity as adjunct professor, Jiri Basta greatly contributed to developing research in the forest industry field.

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