Since September Mälardalen University in Sweden (MDH) is visited by 44 of China’s most talented PhDs in Future Energy. They have been awarded scholarships by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), an organisation with links to the Chinese Ministry of Education, and will be staying at MDH for three months, visiting companies in the region and listening to lectures held by internationally recognised professors.  

Jinyue Yan is Professor of Energy Engineering at MDH and it is thanks to his position as Editor-in-chief of the international journal “Applied Energy” that MDH has been given the opportunity to receive the experts.

The Chinese researchers belong to what is called the International Clean Energy Talent Program 2017 (iCET2017), which is a collaboration between the “Applied Energy Journal” and over 20 world-leading HEIs all around the world. During the period that the researchers are visiting MDH, the University will also be inviting internationally recognised professors of Energy to hold guest lectures, which MDH students and the general public may also attend.

Anders Avelin is a Head of Division at the School of Business, Society and Engineering, and is in charge of the visit.

– It’s a fantastic opportunity for MDH to be able to receive researchers in such successful research teams in China. They might well be future Nobel Prizewinners. It’s also an excellent opportunity for us to build networks and also to let our students learn about the absolute latest in energy research, he says.

After three months some of the researchers will stay behind at MDH. The rest of the group will be spread out among different HEIs around the world.

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