On June 9-11, Halmstad University stands host for the sixth edition of the international conference New Business Models. The conference is held online and over 300 people from around the world are expected to attend. This year’s theme is inspired by the UN’s goals for sustainable development.

New Business Models (NBM) is an annual conference that this year is organized by the research environment Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning Research (CIEL) at Halmstad University. The conference is a platform for interdisciplinary research and provides space for new and innovative research theories and methods. Academics and practitioners meet to present the latest research on sustainable development of business models. Last year, the conference was held in Njimegen in the Netherlands, and was attended by about 350 people from 32 different countries.

“Halmstad University’s research on business models, innovation and sustainability has grown in recent years and being able to host the conference is a confirmation and stamp of quality on our work and relevance in the field. We hope and believe that this year’s edition of NBM will be rewarding, and that through the conference we can contribute to a faster development towards Agenda 2030, says Maya Hoveskog, Associate Professor in Innovation Management and responsible for the conference together with Fawzi Halila, Associate Professor in Innovation Management.

The theme for this year’s conference – New Business Models in a Decade of Action: Sustainable, Evidence-based, Impactful – is inspired by the UN’s Sustainability Goals Agenda 2030. At the conference, participants will discuss how innovative business models can contribute to achieve the sustainability goals. The focus is also on creating interdisciplinary collaborations and an exchange of knowledge that involves several stakeholders for a transition to a sustainable society for the future.

“Our welfare and the future of the earth are highly dependent on science and knowledge development. Not least the covid-19 pandemic is clear proof of this. We hope that the knowledge that emerges during the conference can help us better understand complex societal challenges and develop new, innovative tools to more effectively achieve the UN’s sustainability goals, says Fawzi Halila.

Media is welcome

For free press access, contact Communications Officer Christa Amnell on +46 72 977 38 37 or christa.amnell@hh.se. It is also possible to arrange individual interviews with participating researchers.

Keynote speakers

Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University

Professor Peter Wells, Cardiff University (UK)

Professor Minna Halme, Aalto University School of Business (Finland)

Professor Thomas Ritter, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)

Suzanne Krook, Senior Advisor, SIDA (Sweden)

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Maya Hoveskog +46 72 977 36 67 or maya.hoveskog@hh.se

Maya Hoveskog

+46 72 977 36 67 maya.hoveskog@hh.se