The Swedish Knowledge Foundation grants SEK 79.8 million for three new research projects, a recruitment of a Visiting Professor, a large educational programme aimed at professionals, and a new research profile within Halmstad University’s Knowledge and Competence Center Research for Innovation. The grant makes it possible for the University to, together with the industry and Region Halland, continue strengthening the multidisciplinary research and education within the profile areas Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities.

“Such a wonderful Christmas present! Many pieces of the puzzle now fall into place for the University’s continued development and profiling. This year’s allocation is a fantastic success, the Knowledge Foundation grants us more funds than ever before”, says Halmstad University’s Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang.

The Knowledge Foundation (In Swedish: Stiftelsen för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling, KK-stiftelsen) has granted a total of SEK 79.8 million for research and education initiatives in the coming years. In addition to the funding from the Knowledge Foundation, Halmstad University contributes with SEK 33.4 million and the industrial partners with SEK 52.6 million. Region Halland is contributing with SEK 15 million for the first four years of the new research profile. In total, the investment is worth just over SEK 180 million.

“For almost ten years, Halmstad University has been a Knowledge and Competence Center with special expectations to collaborate with the industry and profile our research and education at advanced level. We set ambitious goals and in the last three years, a lot of fantastic things have happened. With the Knowledge and Competence Center, we have succeeded in strengthening our character as an innovation driven university, we have created exciting cross disciplinary collaborations and developed research excellence. Halmstad University is today a really attractive university to work and study at”, says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Programme Director of Halmstad University’s Knowledge and Competence Center Research for Innovation.

Major investment in information driven care

The initiatives now granted focus on Halmstad University’s profile areas Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities. The single largest initiative is a research profile in information driven care and implementation research, called CAISR Health, where research on the development of tools with artificial intelligence meet research on how these tools can be implemented in healthcare. The research is carried out in close collaboration with Region Halland and Swedish companies. CAISR Health is a very strong complement to Halland’s joint innovation center for information driven care, Leap for Life.

“This is a very positive initiative. It is just in time and will strongly support the development of both healthcare and Halland as a region”, says Jörgen Preuss, Regional Director in Halland.

The second largest initiative that has been granted funds from the Knowledge Foundation is an educational programme, a so called Expert Competence Programme. It combines artificial intelligence with service and business development. The educational programme is primarily aimed at professionals.

What is a Knowledge and Competence Center?

Halmstad University is one of five universities in Sweden that has qualified to be a Knowledge and Competence Center by the Knowledge Foundation. The other Centers are: University of Skövde, Mid Sweden University, University West and Jönköping University. The Knowledge and Competence Centers receive funding from the Knowledge Foundation through yearly plans, instead of applying in separate calls.

Through the Knowledge and Competence Center, the Knowledge Foundation provides support for research efforts that are gradually developing an increasingly profiled educational and research institution, with the highest quality, clear positioning and with activities that have a strong relevance for the development of industry and society.

Halmstad University’s Knowledge and Competence Center was inaugurated in April 2012 and will run for ten years, until the end of 2021. The Knowledge and Competence Center is called Research for Innovation to reflect the University’s profile. Crucial to all research projects within the Knowledge and Competence Center is the close collaboration with industry, known as co-production. This means that companies are engaged in research projects together with the University’s researchers and make important contributions to the research at their own expense.

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