Ekonomistudenten.se was launched in 2008 and is an independent site with the ambition to ”help current as well as prospective academics in their careers.”

The ranking, where JIBS shares a second place with the universities in Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala, focuses on giving students an overview of Swedish schools that offer courses in economics and business administration.

”It is interesting that Jönköping International Business School still is at the top as they are at a disadvantage with their short life as a university, as well as the fact that they are based in a smaller city. This, again, is due to good salary statistics and rate of empolyability after graduation, plus the fact that it has by far the largest proportion of students who have studied at least one semester abroad”, comments the website.

The statistics that are the basis for the 2012 ranking are the following:
– ”Högskoleprov” (national university aptitude test), admission rates and complementary grades
– Proportion of students who have studied at least one semester abroad, as well as proportion with internships during the studies
– Proportion with a job after 6 months, salary after 3 years, which universities in Sweden the largest companies recruit from based completely
on this study.
– Students’ own opinion of the education’s relevance in connection with working life.

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