Professor and dentist Guglielmo Giuseppe Campus has been appointed an honorary doctor at the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy. This strengthens the Academy’s ties with a prominent researcher and a global leader in preventive dental health.

The Board of the Sahlgrenska Academy has decided to appoint Guglielmo Campus as an Honorary Doctor of Odontology. The conferment ceremony will take place in Gothenburg on Friday, October 20.

Professor Campus is a Professor of Preventive Medicine and Oral Epidemiology at the University of Bern in Switzerland. His research and his work with organizations such as WHO have made him an important global player, and he has close links with the Sahlgrenska Academy’s Institute of Odontology.

“We are extremely proud to have such an internationally renowned researcher and individual as an honorary doctor,” says Agneta Holmäng, Professor and Dean at the Sahlgrenska Academy. “This is a highly relevant field, and the appointment will strengthen our work – not only within dentistry, but also within global health issues.”

Professor Campus is a Doctor of Dental Medicine, specializing in child and adolescent dentistry, or pedodontics. He trained as a dentist at the University of Sassari in Italy, and completed his doctoral degree in 1995. He then continued to work at the University of Sassari until 2019, while also being affiliated with the University of Milan. He has been a professor in Bern since 2019.

A frequently cited researcher

Today, his area of expertise encompasses epidemiology, public health, cariology, pedodontics, and prevention. Professor Campus has published 172 articles in peer-reviewed journals since 2000, and is frequently cited.

Professor Campus has a long history of international involvement, having worked far beyond Italy and Switzerland. This includes extensive research collaborations and his role as coordinator of WHO’s Collaborating Center for Epidemiology and Community Dentistry, based in Milan.

This assignment began in 2014, and his main responsibility has involved gathering epidemiological data and planning prevention strategies, not only in southern Europe but also in countries such as Zambia and Burkina Faso.

He has long had strong links with Sweden. In 2006, Professor Campus began a collaboration with the Institute of Odontology in Gothenburg, focusing on cariology.

Strengthening ties

This collaboration includes research, resulting in around 30 scientific publications, and teaching – particularly in the form of seminars for doctoral students and supervising degree projects.

Peter Lingström is a dental consultant, Professor of Cariology and Head of Department at the University of Gothenburg’s Institute of Odontology.

“Professor Campus’ appointment is good news for the field of cariology, and for the department as a whole,” he says. “His research profile is very much in line with our ongoing work to improve dental health among children, adults, and the elderly, from both national and international perspectives.”

Agneta Robertson is a dental consultant, Professor of Pedodontics and the Institute of Odontology’s Deputy Head of Department:

“As Deputy Head of Department and former subject representative for pedodontics, I am delighted that we are appointing an honorary doctor in pedodontics for the first time.”


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Portrait image: Guglielmo Giuseppe Campus (photo: Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Universität Bern)

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