Horizon Europe granted the research consortium ROADVIEW (Robust Automated Driving in Extreme Weather) 10 million euros to solve challenging autonomous driving problems using AI. The project aims to develop AI-based robust and cost-efficient in-vehicle perception and decision-making systems with enhanced performance under harsh weather conditions. Halmstad University will coordinate the consortium of 15 partners for the next four years.

Most automated vehicles have been tested and developed under optimal weather conditions. In ROADVIEW the partners and researchers will instead test Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) under various harsh weather conditions and different traffic scenarios.

Autonomous vehicle market keeps growing

Automated mobility solutions are expected to bring significant benefits to society, such as increased road safety, reduced emission, and less stress on drivers and passengers.

“The market for automated mobility is huge. It is forecasted at a compound annual growth rate of 60 percent between 2020 and 2030 for the global autonomous vehicle market. ROADVIEW will develop a unique approach to automated mobility, so that autonomous vehicles can have more powerful and reliable onboard perception and control technologies addressing complex environmental conditions”, says Eren Aksoy, ROADVIEW Project Coordinator and Associate Professor in Information Technology at Halmstad University.

Gathers experts in the field

The ROADVIEW consortium is a perfect combination of a group of leading universities, research institutes, high-tech SMEs, and industry.

“Beyond their research excellence, the consortium members bring a unique portfolio of testing sites and testing infrastructure, ranging from hardware-testing facilities and rain and wind tunnels to test tracks north of the Arctic Circle”, says Eren Aksoy.

The ROADVIEW consortium is currently in the grant preparation phase with the European Commission and will start in October 2022.


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