“Raymond Cohen is an internationally renowned scholar who is interested in a field that we at CTR study within several different disciplines”, says Fredrik Lindström, Dean of the Faculty of Theology.

By awarding an honorary doctorate to Raymond Cohen, the Faculty wants to highlight his important and insightful research which reminds Swedish society of the importance of emphasising the role of religion in conflict resolution. The Faculty’s decision to appoint Raymond Cohen as Doctor of Theology honoris causa is a manifest sign of the Faculty’s appreciation of his research and the collaboration between Lund and Jerusalem.

Monica Hedlund is a Professor Emerita of Latin specialising in Latin Palaeography and Codicology. Her primary research interests are Medieval Latin, manuscript studies and the literary and spiritual culture of the Birgittine Abbey at Vadstena. In her research, Monica Hedlund has studied and edited theological literature from the Middle Ages, especially that connected with Vadstena Abbey.

“Professor Hedlund is a very highly regarded scholar in Sweden. She has been a great help to our medieval scholars at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies”, says Fredrik Lindström.

With this honorary doctorate, the Faculty of Theology in Lund wants to recognise Monica Hedlund’s important contributions to theological research on the Middle Ages in Sweden for over 30 years and express its gratitude for her long collaboration with members of staff of the Faculty. Thanks to her encouragement, enthusiasm and teaching skills, young Latin students have chosen to study, edit and publish theological texts from the Middle Ages, especially texts emanating from Vadstena Abbey.

“These two honorary doctors work on problems which in different ways are relevant to the research at CTR and which very clearly demonstrate the breadth of CTR’s research. One has a research field that concerns current international relations, while the other conducts historical research. However, both historical and contemporary dimensions are highly important to them both”, says Fredrik Lindström.

Fredrik Lindström
Dean of the Faculty of Theology
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