Access of news is today possible almost anywhere and at anytime by handheld devices and wireless connections. Today’s consumers have the chance not only to pick and choose but also package and tailor content to suit themselves. The technology has sharply reduced the role of news gatherers and producers (reporters and editors) in selecting and editing content. It is easy for consumers today to shun areas of news output which hold no interest for them. We no longer have a distant and passive public. In addition, there is the appearance of professionally produced media that are openly partial (Fox, MSNBC, etc.)
This news milieu has made it hard to pin down what impartiality precisely means, particularly in today’s Swedish political and cultural landscape which has changed dramatically from that of even twenty years ago.
The problem is not that we cannot define impartiality. The problem is that its definition has become so broad. If impartiality is about breadth of view and completeness of news, we never have had such a diversity and volume of views and news as we have today.
This seminar tries to assess the standards of impartiality and the challenges it faces in the digital media environment and today’s political and cultural landscape of Sweden and other Nordic states.

The participants must have good command of the English language as the lectures and speeches will be in English. Electronic notifications of registration is preferred and they should be sent to (if print notification is required, please mail it to Leon Barkho, Jönköping International Business School, P.O. Box 1026, 551 11 Jönköping, Sweden) by 10 November.

Registration fees
Seminar Registration Fee: SEK 500 and will include lunch and coffee during the breaks.

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