From 2008 to 2022 – Russia’s wars in Georgia and Ukraine discussed by a panel of international experts

Welcome to join this webinar about the ongoing war in Ukraine, hosted by Linnaeus University, with moderator Natia Gamkrelidze, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Linnaeus University and Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University.

Date: Wednesday April 20, 2022
Time: 2 PM CET (Swedish Summer Time)
Location: Zoom-webinar

Registration required, please use form provided here. Webinar link will be sent by e-mail a day prior.
Opening remarks by Peter Aronsson Vice Chancellor, Linnaeus University
Moderated by Natia Gamkrelidze Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Linnaeus University


  • Professor Neil Macfarlane Lester B. Pearson Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
  • Professor Stephen Jones Director, Program on Georgian Studies, Harvard University and Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Holyoke College
  • Professor Rick Fawn Professor in the School of International Relations, University of St. Andrews
  • Ambassador Tedo Japaridze Former Foreign Minister of Georgia
  • Michael Cecire Senior Policy advisor, the U.S. Helsinki Commission

Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine is not Putin’s first war. In August 2008, Moscow invaded Georgia and occupied 20 percent of its territories. Six years after, in 2014, by invading Ukraine, Russia occupied Crimea. Eight years later, on February 24, 2022, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which is Europe’s largest ground war since World War II. Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine has raised numerous questions about his war aims and how it affects Russia’s relations on the regional and international levels.

There is also an active discussion about the international response to this war. To better understand Putin’s current aims, this panel discussion not only explores Russia’s current military actions but will look back and analyze the previous invasion of Georgia, evaluate how the Atlantic Alliance’s responded back then; the strategic mistakes that were made by western countries in the 2008 war’s fallout.

The panel also will discuss the Western countries’ response to the current war and evaluate the broader international implication of Ukraine on the international system. Last but not least, the panelists will also discuss the implications of Russia’s war in Ukraine on the breakaway regions and how the war affects Russia domestically.

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