Anna Blombäck has, together with Olof Brunninge and Anders Melander, received 3 171 000 SEK for the project ”Value Management – A study of Corporate Value initiatives”. Ethel Brundin has, together with Leif Melin and Lisa Bäckvall, been granted 2 271 000 SEK for the project ”Family capital and entrepreneurial performance across generations in family firms”. Marie Linton has received 1 700 000 SEK for the project “Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments – overseas and European”.

Anna Blombäck’s project “Value Management” will investigate how Swedish companies work to develop corporate values. Previous research indicates that corporate values, which are articulated and written down, may act as support in business management, but the background and impetus to, and outcomes of, such value initiatives are relatively unknown. The project consists of six in-depth studies of companies in various stages of their valuation work, and one broad study of all Swedish listed companies.

Ethel Brundin’s project “Family capital and entrepreneurial performance” seeks to contribute with new knowledge about how value is created between the generations, how the entrepreneurial thinking and capacities are communicated between generations and how the family, rather than the individual business entity, can be a supporting tool between generations. The project seeks answers to questions about how family resources can affect the entrepreneurial outcome, and how entrepreneurial outcomes are related to the ability to survive over generations.

Marie Linton’s project “Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments – overseas and European”, starts from the fact that increased mobility of people and companies, products, services and capital across borders is making increasing demands that foreign judgments applies to, or may be declared enforceable, in Sweden. Therefore, the attitude towards foreign capital judgments needs to be reviewed, while the function of European legal rules also has to be questioned in an international context. Despite their great practical importance, especially for international trade, there has so far been relatively little research devoted to these issues.

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