NMUN is the world´s largest UN simulation. More than 5,000 delegates come to New York City each spring to discuss current global issues on twenty selected committees. Outside conference session, delegations enjoy the proximity to Permanent Missions and the United Nations itself.

During the simulation, the delegation from each country represents another country, and has to spend quite some time getting to know its situation, problem and demands. This year, the students from JIBS will represent Finland.

For the last seven months, the students have taken the course, Unites Nations Simulation, preparing them for the NMUN-meeting. JIBS is the only school in Sweden offering this course, and the students have among other things been learning how to write resolutions, speak in public and negotiate. They have also been studying Finland to be able to represent the country, and also spent a lot of time seeking funding to be able to make the journey to New York. The course gives the students understanding of diplomacy and negotiations in complicated international questions.

Gabriel Bake, project manager
phone:+46 73-948 05 96