The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus is increasing rapidly amongst children and adults. Today, roughly 400,000 people in Sweden have diabetes, including 10 per cent of all over 65 years. Diabetes with its complications, including cardio-vascular diseases, entails great suffering for the patient and huge costs for society.

Type 2 diabetes, known as adult diabetes, is the most common form and appears now also in early age. Type 1 diabetes, known as juvenile diabetes, can affect anyone from infanthood to old-age and survival demands several insulin injections a day or transplantation.

There is a need for accurate methods for early detection of high-risk individuals to help doctors prevent the development of the disease and its complications.

Professors Kerstin Brismar and Per-Olof Berggren:
“The generous grant that we have received will be used to maintain and advance the internationally leading diabetes research we have achieved. The grant provided by the Foundation can be expected to generate a number of important basic research results that can be decisive in our understanding and treatment of the molecular defects that cause diabetes and the diabetes-related complications.”

The Family Erling-Persson Foundation was founded by Stefan Persson (H&M, Hennes & Mauritz) in 1999 to provide long-term support to scientific research.

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Board member of the Foundation, Sten Wikander; tel +46 8 641 50 23

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