The professional association Civilekonomerna (Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics) performs a survey each year to track the careers of Swedish Business and Economics graduates who finished their studies three years ago.

JIBS keeps its long-standing top position when it comes to having the highest share of students who have studied abroad. The figure for the students graduating in 2007 is 81 per cent, to be compared with a national average of 34 per cent. For the share stating that they have had practical experiences during their studies, JIBS has climbed steadily from rank 13 for those graduating in 2003, to the present rank 2. JIBS also holds a position where a comparatively high share of its graduates reach management positions within three years.

Almost two thirds of the JIBS graduates had a job before graduation, the highest share among Swedish business schools. And nearly all, 97 per cent, had a job within six months from graduation. For four years, JIBS has held rank 2, 3 or 4 in this respect (with very small differences between the schools holding top ranks).

The reported share of JIBS graduates working abroad at the time of the survey, 15 per cent, is the highest for any Swedish business school, but may still be an underestimate, due to difficulties of reaching those living abroad and those not knowing Swedish well.

All in all, JIBS keeps earlier top rank positions, and climbs in some respects, hopefully consolidating a role as a major and respected high-quality player among Swedish business schools when it comes to education.

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