The people of Jönköping and its larger Province of Småland are most welcome to attend and actively take part in the sessions of a conference on whether what the media tell us is impartial, credible and balanced or not.

The event, in which a representative from Reuters and a former employee at BBC are to take part, is scheduled for November 18 at Jönköping University’s School of Education and Communication, Hall HB116.

Besides lectures from some of the world’s top communication and media scholars, there will be one lecture by Kevin Marsh, ex-BBC Executive Editor and Director, OffspinMedia Ltd, London, and one by Eric Auchard, Editorial Director, Reuters.

Media giants like Reuters and the BBC shape many of our concepts vis-à-vis our own world and the world around us. The BBC, which dominates international broadcasting in English, has services in more than 30 languages. Reuters, the world’s top news agency, covers the four corners of the globe and its print coverage comprises millions of words per day. If we add Reuters television and picture services, the agency’s communicative and informational arm is unprecedented in the history of human communication.

Because of their impact as global, multi-lingual media outlets, we grow up and mostly unconsciously produce not only their discourse (language) but also their interpretation of the events and stories they carry.

“This is an event not to miss for all those who are concerned about whether the news and current affairs programs by our newspapers, televisions, radios and the internet can be trusted or not,” says Leon Barkho, the conference’s organizer and manager of Jönköping University’s Media Effects and Practices Program.

“Rarely are we given the chance to listen to media researchers and high-ranking professionals in global and multi-national media industry under one roof,” adds Barkho. “This is indeed a unique opportunity meant to serve the city of Jönköping and its vibrant university.”

The event is the outcome of close collaboration between Jönköping University’s School of Education and Communication and Jönköping International Business School.

No notification in advance is necessary to attend the conference.

Leon Barkho
Mobile: +46 735 636 403