In her thesis, Inés Casanovas describes and analyses the move from individual adoption to institutionalisation of online education in universities. The study focuses on the processes that took place within two universities, one in Sweden and the other in Argentina. The results showed that the adoption processes appeared to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

As an overall conclusion, online education is still far from being fully institutionalised. Though the change has not yet become an integral part of the formal core of the institutions, it has been a great achievement considering the universities’ structure, culture and resources. However, there are still key factors that need to be faced. These factors are of a strategic nature and the way to handle them seems to be more political and organisational than technological or pedagogical.

Faculty examiner was Associate Professor Lars Svensson, University West. The examining committee consisted of Professor Mikael Wiberg, Umeå University, Associate Professor Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund, Mid Sweden University, and Professor Mona Ericson, JIBS. Chairperson at the defence was Associate Professor Christina Keller, JIBS.

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