The Institute for Futures Studies publishes today a new report edited by
Kristof Tamas and Joakim Palme: How Migration Can Benefit Development. This volume has been produced as a contribution to the High-level Dialogue on migration and development in the UN General Assembly in New York 14-15 September 2006. The chapters in the book are written by experts from different world regions – Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia – and are the result of the 3rd Stockholm workshop in the series on Global Migration Regimes.

For more information please contact:

Kristof Tamas, Migration expert, Institute for Futures Studies, Phone: 0040-21 231 56 37

Joakim Palme, Director, Institute for Futures Studies, Phone: + 46 8- 402 12 00

Hannah Zackrisson, Information/public relations, Institute for Futures Studies,
Phone: + 46 8-402 12 31