Each course consists of an introductory assignment, a 5-day gathering in Gothenburg and a
post-gathering written task. A temporary schedule will be available about three months before
the cours start.
The next course to be introduced, with start in November 2009, is:
Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology
This course provides an overview of current topics and issues in cardiovascular disease
(CVD) epidemiology including; global disease burden, major risk factors, specific method-
ology in CVD research, CVD and Public Health, strategies for primary and secondary pre-
vention, and epidemiological challenges in CVD research such as fetal programming,
risk factors in children, and mental health. Ethnic, gender, and genetic aspects
will also be addressed.
In addition, the course highlights what is new today regarding
risk factors, biomarkers, and national policies.

Course time is November 30 – December 4, 2009
Course fee is 8000 SEK at least 8 weeks prior to the course
9500 SEK during the last 8 weeks prior to the course

Here You are welcome to get more information about courses taught in English and offered in addition to the regular course programme 2010:

Course leader is associate Professor Alexandra Krettek.
For more information and registration: www.nhv.se/cvd