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Quick-closing valve allows fish to rapidly regulate the water in their cells

21 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Regulating the fluid balance in their cells is vital in all living things. When insufficient water is being transported via the cell membrane, cells can use their aquaporins – also known as water channels – that open and close to remedy this. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg recently identified a water channel in a […]

Tablet computers make preschool children’s play less creative

21 November, 2022 - Uppsala universitet

Preschool children’s play involving tablets is less creative and imaginative compared to their play involving physical toys. This is shown in a new study by Uppsala University, and the difference is substantial. The results counter occasional claims that new technology would make children more creative. Tha study is published in Learning, Media and Technology.

New discovery gives hope to fight metastatic cancer

17 November, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

Cancer that splits and develops in new organs around the body becomes significantly more difficult to fight. Now, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have shown that these metastatic cancers, that spread from the original, adapt their metabolism to the tissue in which they grow. The discovery represents a breakthrough for the understanding of metastatic cancer and is an important piece of the puzzle in the search for more effective treatments.

Salt more important than cold polar temperatures in sea ice formation

17 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

When polar seas freeze and ice forms, it is not only due to cold air chilling the surface of the water. Even more important is that warm water is prevented from rising to the surface from the depths of the ocean, due to the much lower salinity of the surface water. Researchers from the University […]

Roman roads laid the foundation for modern-day prosperity

15 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Even though it is over 2,000 years since the ancient Roman road networks were established, there are clear connections between the routes of the roads and modern-day prosperity. In a study in economics, the researchers investigate the importance of the Roman road network in maintaining or losing wealth through the centuries.

Economic interests cloud hazardous chemicals reductions

10 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

The regulation of hazardous chemicals in Europe has been shaped by economic interests, according to a study published in Nature Communications. The researchers, from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, find that regulators focus on chemicals of secondary importance leading to lesser than anticipated hazard reductions.

Light physical activity linked to milder symptoms from intracerebral hemorrhage

10 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Four hours of light physical activity per week can now be linked to milder symptoms from intracerebral hemorrhage, and also to better survival rates, a University of Gothenburg study shows. Intracerebral hemorrhage is the most serious type of stroke with few treatment options. About one in ten cases of stroke is an intracerebral hemorrhage, a […]

Copper a clue in the fight against cancer

10 November, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

For cancer cells to grow and spread around the human body, they need proteins that bind copper ions. New research about how cancer-related proteins bind the metal and how they interact with other proteins, opens up potential new drug targets in the fight against cancer. Human cells need small amounts of the metal copper to […]

Screening for stroke risk can save lives and money

9 November, 2022 - Linköpings universitet

Atrial fibrillation is the greatest risk factor for stroke. Screening to detect atrial fibrillation in older people would not only increase the chance of preventing stroke, it would also save money for the healthcare system and society. This is the conclusion from research conducted at Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and published in […]

Severe obesity in youth a risk factor for early atrial fibrillation

9 November, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Severe or morbid obesity at age 18 may be linked to an elevated risk of atrial fibrillation in younger middle age. This is shown by a University of Gothenburg study comprising data on roughly 1.7 million men in Sweden. The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, is based on analysis of […]