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Location of strong sense of discomfort in brain found

6 November, 2023 - Uppsala universitet

Researchers have identified a new neural circuit in the brain which produces a strong sense of discomfort when activated. The discovery also allows them to show for the first time that the subthalamic nucleus, a structure in the brain that controls voluntary movements, may also play a role in the development of depression. The results could lead to better treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Higher risk of 17 cancers after high BMI in late teens

6 November, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Men who are overweight or obese at age 18 have a higher risk of 17 different cancers later in life. This has been shown in a study at the University of Gothenburg. The research also describes how the youth obesity epidemic is expected to affect the cancer situation over the next 30 years. In August, […]

Emotions often defeat sense in healthcare priority setting

2 November, 2023 - Linköpings universitet

Emotions tend to get the upper hand in healthcare decisions. This is shown in a study at Linköping University, Sweden, where participants were faced with tough choices between different treatments. The results may explain why effective use of healthcare resources is so slow in the making, according to the researchers.

Risk of serious infection even in low-active IBD

1 November, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an independent risk factor for serious infection, even at very low levels of gastrointestinal inflammation. This has been shown by a study at the University of Gothenburg. IBD is an umbrella term for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, with a population prevalence of around 0.5%. The main types of IBD are […]

Increased risk of dental caries after bariatric surgery

31 October, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Those who have had surgical obesity treatment have a higher risk of dental caries than before surgery. They also often experience a general decline in oral health. This has been shown by a thesis at the University of Gothenburg. The aim of the thesis was to study the oral health of individuals before and after […]

DNA organization influences the growth of deadly brain tumours in response to neuronal signals

31 October, 2023 - Umeå universitet

A pioneering study at Umeå University, Sweden, has unveiled that the 3D organization of DNA can influence the progression of the aggressive brain tumour known as glioblastoma. Having identified the factors that glioblastoma uses to respond to neurons by growing and spreading, this discovery paves the way for further research into new treatments for brain tumours.

Umeå professor new member of the United Nations AI Body

26 October, 2023 - Umeå universitet

Today, Virginia Dignum, Professor at the Department of Computing Science, Umeå University, as the only Swedish representative, has been appointed as a member of the United Nation’s High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence, AI. The tasks of the body are to provide advice and propose solutions for the governance and management of AI at the global international level.

Farmed wolffish could be on your plate in the future

26 October, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

In the future, farmed wolffish could start appearing on fish counters. However, a new thesis from the University of Gothenburg shows that this fish, with its delicate, firm flesh, needs somewhat different farming conditions compared to salmon. The salmon farms of today have created a steady supply of fish in our supermarkets. The nutritional content […]

Post-COVID condition is not linked to ongoing infection or active brain damage

25 October, 2023 - Göteborgs universitet

Post COVID-19 condition does not appear to be linked to direct viral invasion of the brain or active brain damage. This has been shown by a study at the University of Gothenburg. Searching for abnormal biomarkers among the participants yielded no hits in either blood or cerebrospinal fluid samples. The condition that can follow the […]

“They yell and I yell back”

23 October, 2023 - Uppsala universitet

Young children are able to talk in detail about their feelings and how things are at home. They are also good at reading their parents and their emotions by describing their behaviours, facial expressions and tone of voice. This has been shown in a new study by Uppsala University, published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies.