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Extremely quiet fans can improve our health

21 April, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

We spend more of our time indoors than ever. But the noise levels we are exposed to at home, in workplaces and schools have been shown to increase the risk of high blood pressure, mental illness and hearing damage – and may even have a detrimental effect on children’s cognitive development. Now, a unique new […]

Feeling worse after single session with health coach

20 April, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

One appointment with a health coach does not make you feel better. On the contrary, your health as perceived by you may even deteriorate, a University of Gothenburg study shows. Health coaching is a growing area. It has been successfully enlisted in what is known as primary prevention, averting disease before it arises, and improving […]

Drug reduced frequency of breathing pauses in sleep apnea

14 April, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

A new University of Gothenburg study has paved the way for the first drug treatment for sleep apnea. Compared to before receiving the treatment, breathing pauses decreased with on average more than 20 per hour for patients given the drug. The treatment that has been tested is carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibition, CA being an enzyme […]

Invitation to webinar about Russia’s war in Ukraine and Georgia

14 April, 2022 - Linnéuniversitetet

From 2008 to 2022 – Russia’s wars in Georgia and Ukraine discussed by a panel of international experts Welcome to join this webinar about the ongoing war in Ukraine, hosted by Linnaeus University, with moderator Natia Gamkrelidze, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Linnaeus University and Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian […]

Preponderance on control and security overshadows care at ‘Sis homes’

11 April, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

The compulsory-care regime at Sweden’s special state-run residential homes for young people is a testing one for the residents and staff alike, a University of Gothenburg thesis shows. Instead of the individualized care that these ”Sis homes”, as they are called, are intended to provide, solitary confinement and control are often the order of the […]

Converting solar energy to electricity on demand

11 April, 2022 - Chalmers tekniska högskola

The researchers behind an energy system that makes it possible to capture solar energy, store it for up to eighteen years and release it when and where it is needed have now taken the system a step further. After previously demonstrating how the energy can be extracted as heat, they have now succeeded in getting […]

Swedish abortion care unimpaired during first pandemic wave

8 April, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

Swedish abortion care appears to have withstood the pandemic. During the first wave in 2020, abortion rates remained unchanged, and women did not hesitate to go through with abortions as planned, a study from the University of Gothenburg shows. The study, published in the journal BMJ Open, rests on a quantitative analysis of reported abortions […]

Spruce trees’ reconquest of Sweden after the last Ice Age took 10,000 years

7 April, 2022 - Uppsala universitet

A new study from scientists at Uppsala University shows that it took more than 10 millennia from when the first spruces returned to Sweden after the glacial stage of the last Ice Age until the species became widespread. This sluggish rate of initial dispersal has surprised the researchers, since the spruce might have had good prospects of expanding its range.

Supergenes make cod survivors

7 April, 2022 - Göteborgs universitet

The living conditions of fish in the ocean change over a period of time. Still, cod cope. A contributing reason is the cod’s packet of DNA that remains intact generation after generation. These are the findings of a new study in which researchers from the University of Gothenburg participated.