Social conditions, health, culture, democracy and economic progress are interwoven with ecological systems in a grand panorama of worldwide dependencies. The Resilience perspective is different from conventional environmental research in its aim to bring together economists, ecologists and social scientists in trans-disciplinary research.

The aim of the Resilience Conference is to establish a corner stone of understanding of the interconnected social and ecological systems and present recommendations for policymakers in business and politics. The overarching question is: what kind of knowledge, incentives and governance systems will be required to deal with both the climate challenges and the ongoing erosion of our life-supporting ecosystems in a globally interconnected world?

Among the participants you will meet famous scientists such as Elinor Ostrom (USA) Professor of Political Science, C.S. “Buzz” Holling (Canada) Professor in Ecological Sciences, Steve Carpenter (USA) Professor of Limnology, Carl Folke (Sweden) Professor of Natural Resources Management, Johan Rockström (Sweden) Professor of Natural Resources Management, Will Steffen (Australia) Professor of Earth System Sciences and Frances Westley (Canada) Professor of Strategy and Management.

Conference Title: Resilience, adaptation and transformation in turbulent times – preparing for change in social-ecological systems
Venues: Aula Magna, Stockholm University and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Date: April 14th – 17th, 2008

Please see detailed conference program and keynote speakers’ profiles attached.

Press Conference
Date: April 17th at 12.30
Venue: Spelbomskan, Aula Magna, 7th floor

Conclusions drawn from the Resilience Conference and recommendations to policymakers will be presented at the Press Luncheon following parallel Round Table Discussions in the morning with high level experts representing government, business, research, civil society and media.

A light lunch will be served.


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To qualify for journalist registration, please bring proof of media accreditation to the registration desk at Aula Magna, Stockholm University.

Plenary sessions, selected presentations and panel discussions will be available via Web TV, an environmentally friendly service provided by the Web TV supplier Qbrick. For further information please visit:

The Resilience conference is organized by the Resilience Alliance in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and International Council for Science (ICSU). The Conference is hosted by Stockholm Resilience Centre, a collaboration between Stockholm University, Stockholm Environment Institute and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The centre is funded by the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra.

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