Physiotherapist Kjersti Høibø Tysland’s master study has shown that a person’s professional background and professional role has an impact on how communication and collaboration is being developed, when it comes to working with public health issues. At the same time it shows that personality, characteristics and attitudes mean more.
“When people with different professional background work together, there will be more complex discussions which constitute a basis for broader solutions”, says Kjersti Høibø Tysland who works as a section leader of occupational- and, physiotherapy and physician services in a Norwegian commune.
It is important to be able to see beyond the own discipline, and understand the importance of the knowledge that people from other professions can contribute with. The study also shows the importance of safe professionals with an eye for the big picture and ability for reflection.
Other additional factors that have importance for the development of good communication and good collaboration is trust, respect, equality, learning and openness.
“Professional background gets meaning through the individual participant and the role the person has, but as part of of the person with all of his/her properties, personality and attitudes”, says Kjersti Høibø Tysland.